Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keep Going NO MATTER wHAT?

Hey Family,

So I was in a real funk yesterday. I found out that my job won a contract we bidded on. So happy great news right. Well then I find out that we got it but they cut our salaries back by 10-15%!!! I won't know the definite number until I sit down with HR next week. On the one hand I am definitely grateful to still have a job because a lot of other people don't have that but at the same time I just hate that I have to take such a drastic pay cut.

Anyways I'll tell you it has pushed me to really move forward with my plans of opening up my own wellness center. This is a dream of mine and at this point I realize that I have to do this for myself. I just need to figure out how to make it happen. If anyone knows how to get a small business started please comment and let me know.

On the fitness note, I have been doing my workouts. I even took a pole dancing class the other day and my body is still sore. I am still struggling with the nutrition but I am getting better. It's not going to happen over night but it will happen. I am going to have that under control soon.

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